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Count Your Blushes

Count Your Blushes

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Fulfilled by our friends at BloomsyBox

No season is complete without a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed roses.These magenta beauties are timeless with a two-toned twist! The gorgeous roses feature a mix of pastel pink and purple that darkens at the tips of each soft petal. Once opened, you can expect a subtly sweet, floral scent to fill the air. For an irresistible bouquet that will garner compliments from all, gift this bouquet to yourself or someone you love.

Each bouquet comes with flower food and care instructions. After a fresh drink of water, blooms will fully open in 2-3 days.

*24 Stems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plant Care Tips

How do you package the plants?

Our plants are shipped in custom sustainable boxes to ensure a healthy delivered plant. During colder months (November-April), we ship all plants with a heat pack for extra protection. 

Where are the plants grown and shipped from? 

Our plants are grown and ship from our greenhouses in California and Florida. Due to this, it is possible that your items may arrive in multiple shipments. 

Why are my plant leaves dropping within the first few days of receiving them? 

Suggestion: This is normal and will happen often because the plants have been through shipping and are being placed in a new environment. They're in shock. Give them a week or 2 to sit back and relax in their new home. 

Why are the plant leaves turning yellow? 

Suggestion: Most often this is a sign of overwatering. Our plants are typically watered before shipping therefore, they wont need to be watered when you receive them. It's always a good idea to touch the top 1-2 inches of soil to see if its damp. If so, do not water the plant right away. 

Should I repot my plants when I get them? 

Suggestion: It might be best to wait a week or so until your plants are adjusted to their new environment. They're already a little stressed from being flewed out, give then some time to relax and settle in. 

Who should I contact for any issues with my order?

Please contact our customer service team at