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Red Prayer Plant - 4" Live Plant

Red Prayer Plant - 4" Live Plant

SKU: 284215376135191

This Red Prayer Plant features colorful two toned leaves, which fold up at night like hands in prayer. Prayer Plants are pet safe and non toxic. This plant tends to grow sideways and is a great trailing plant.


Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeura. Thrives in medium to indirect bright sunlight. Keep out of direct sunlight. Can adapt to low light, though growth will slow.

The prayer plant usually needs watering when the top ¼ of the pot’s soil is dry.

Test by sticking your finger in the soil and water if it’s dry more than 1 to 2″ inches down. Avoid getting the leaves wet.

This plant will arrive in a 4" diameter plastic growers pot with drainage holes. Pot color may vary. Height will range from 4-8" tall. Decorative pots not included.


Please note the images are a representation of the plants available, not the exact plant you will receive. All plants are unique; we will handpick and carefully package the best of our selection for each order! Soil may shift during delivery.

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