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Apps for Plant Care

Hey Plant Besties!

There are several plant care phone apps available for both Apple & Android. I've decided to spend some time using some of them in order to find one that seems to have what I need. I will be reviewing PictureThis, PlantIn, Planta & PlantSnap.

Picture This:- available on Apple & Android.

  • Cost: 7 day free trial, Premium Plan $29.99 yearly

  • Diagnoses plant issues, identifies unknown plants and reminds you to water

  • My Garden- area to name & list all of your plants to keep track of watering & fertilizing needs

  • Plant Books up to 20% discount rate on app, 1 free book with Premium plan

  • Several detailed plant care guides available

  • Plant Experts available for consultations and gardening advices from master gardeners

  • Weed identifier and assistance

  • Interesting facts for each plant and occasional short poems

Overall, PictureThis does not miss, definitely worth $29.99 per year with everything it has to offer for gardeners and plant parents!

PlantIn- available on Apple & Android

  • Cost: 3 day free trial then $7.99 weekly or $199.99 for life (they have a current sale $49.99 for life)

  • Diagnoses plant issues, option to email questions to a botanist

  • Professional plant care guides

  • Plant Care Schedule- area to list all of your plants and set watering & fertilizer \reminders

  • Search option with extensive list of plants

Overall, PlantIn has the basics but for $199.99 more should come with it. The app is very easy to use and could be handy for a beginner plant parent.

Planta- available on Apple & Android

  • Cost: $7.99 monthly, $17.99 for 3 months, or $35.99 for a year

  • Plant Care reminders and schedules

  • Identifies plants

  • Planta Light meter- use phone camera to estimate light in room & makes recommendations based on light

  • Extensive list of plants, vegetables & herbs

  • Plenty of articles available on plant care & step by step guidance

  • Trending plants section

  • Dr. Planta assists with plant issues

Overall, Planta is a super affordable and clever app. A free trial option would be a nice touch but honestly, the light meter and detailed graphics have won me over!

PlantSnap- available on Apple & Android

  • Cost: 1 week free trial, $2.99 monthly, $19.99 yearly, or $39.99 for life

  • Plant photo identification

  • Plant care tips

  • Community feed that allows you to view plant pics from others around the world, you can like & comment on their pics also

  • Explore tab allows you to find gardens, museums & nature centers in your area

  • Search option shows plants, care details, & websites to buy them

Overall, this is the most affordable app out of the 4! The social feed is a cool aspect kinda like a snapchat for plants. However, this app lacked a plant expert option and resources linked to website that did not have U.S. as a listed region.

There you have it. A brief review of some of the plant apps available to us. Don't just take my word for it, try them out and pick one that works for you.

Happy Planting!

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